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To find the best golf shaft for your swing you need to take into effect several different characteristics from your body type to your golf swing characteristics.

1) The first is your body and golf swing type. This can range from a powerful upper body and high club head speed to average upper body strength and a smooth slower golf swing. Too light of a golf club shaft in a powerful, quick, fast swing can cause a loss of control, where as, this shaft will help a player with a slower smother swing gain distance and feel. A player should choose the lightest golf club shaft possible to gain distance but not so light that it causes a loss of control. A player with a fast quick swing will gain distance and control with a lower torque, high flex point, heavier golf club shaft. Seniors and ladies with slower smoother swings will gain distance and feel with a higher torque, low flex point light weight golf shaft. By fitting the best golf club shaft for an individual's unique swing characteristics a player can gain control, accuracy and feel. The golf shaft is the engine that drives the golf club and with the right engine a player has the advantage over a stock shaft.

Choose which shaft weight best fits your body type and golf swing.

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